The Bach Project

The Bach Project re-contextualizes Cantata 97, In Allen Meinen Taten, of Johann Sebastian Bach for four singers, cello, violin, keyboard and vibraphone. The program poses questions and responses to the the major themes at work in Bach’s worldview as well as contemporary society: doubt and faith, hatred and tolerance, injustice and peace. The cantata is interrupted with material that is contrapuntal to Bach’s statements of faith — including poetry and dramatic text from Kaveh Akbar, Adam Zagajewski, Lilian Hellman, and Rainer Maria Rilke and musical material such as Haitian folk songs, gospel, Arvo Pärt, and original compositions. Created to celebrate and challenge our collective humanity, The Bach Project is a kaleidoscopic journey through profound expressions of what it is to be human.

Curious what this looks like? Check out our new promo video above!