The Place Formerly Known As Home

The Place Formerly Known As Home imagines a world in which a catastrophic event has forced all human beings to immigrate to Mars. The program features the collective work of six generative artists: a slam poet, an actor, two opera singers, a dancer, and a composer/pianist. Together they tell the fictional stories of Gwen Larson, a 25 year old marketing consultant from Burlington, Vermont, Jaida Thompson, a 28 year old teaching artist from Memphis, TN, Tom Keo, a 38 year old financial advisor from Seattle, WA, Max Scholl, a 27 year old college professor from Phoenix, AZ, Bill McGuire, a 24 year old wealth management advisor from Atlanta, GA and Angela, a 25 year old writer who has never known a home. This intimate one hour program reimagines classic works such as Summertime from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess and Over the Rainbow by Harold Arlen alongside brand new text by writers Philip Stoddard and Ashley August with new music by composer Tim Hinck. As CAE’s most adventurous program yet—it was built thanks in part to residencies held over the summer at Avaloch Farm Music Institute and The Juilliard School and received its first preview performance in New Hampshire this past June.



Ashley August, slam poet

Tim Hinck, composer/pianist

Moscelyne Parke-Harrison, dancer

Philip Stoddard, actor

Tiffany Townsend, soprano

Thomas West, baritone


NH Preview Audience Feedback

“I just think the integration of the arts is tremendous. The theme is just so expressive in each area of the arts.”

“To me, that piece—if that’s what you call it—just reminded me of the immigration crisis. I felt passionate about it and I’m doing things about it calling senators and here and all. But this was just so emotional.”

“There were clearly guidelines and themes, but there was also that moment of anything could happen.”